We are proud owners of ***** SW 1 St Manor in Pembroke Pines as of last night.

This could not have happened but for yeoman service of JORGE LUNA THORNBERRY.

I accidentally found him when I was looking for some homes and called him up. He was prompt and the same weekend arranged for us to see 12 properties. This was in January. We made an offer on a property, but it did not go through, but Jorge did not lose heart. He encouraged us to look for more and found a nice property.

As it is always the case these days, it was a 9 month ordeal with a short sale with the buyer, but eventually, we got it yesterday. Jorge did more than what was expected for a Realtor, really. He was always available, gave us honest advice, very meticulous, professional in his dealings with us and others, was not pushy (like some of the ones I had encountered in the past), and kept up with all the paperwork.

Our attorney was highly impressed with his as well.

He sent reminders to the sellers, us, closing agents, our attorneys, coordinated all the paperwork, found mistakes, and helped fix them!! What more could we ask for!! Despite his ongoing health issues, he never once let that stay in the way of his job. It is hard to find a Realtor like him these days.

I would highly recommend him to everyone!! God bless him and his family!!

B.K. Dandapani

Client’s information provided upon request.